Finding your RETREAT

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Your Retreat

Finding your special place, somewhere you can go to when you need to rest is vital when living a life after loss

Let’s start by asking ….

Do you have a retreat?

Do you have your special, calming space where you are able to retreat, restore and refresh when the world gets too crazy and overwhelming?

Having a place where you find comfort when your grief gets too much is important in our healing process.


Our minds and nervous system needs a break so that it can restore and fight another day. If we don’t have that, we will stress our adrenals and feel ill.

A special retreat place either at home or at work, is a place where you will be able to feel safe to cry, to think, to grieve and to love.

It is a place that you bring you comfort and remind you that LOVE is there.

It will be a place that feels like you can relax with a cup of tea or think about your loved one.

What does your retreat look like? Does it have a chair, a couch, a window

Are you able to close the door and give yourself time to be with your thoughts and your heart?

My place of comfort is my white chair in the corner of my bedroom. It was in Loey’s nursery and we know have it in our room.

I have her pillow and a few of your soft toys there.

When I feel that I need a break, a quiet place to sit and do nothing … I will walk upstairs with my favorite cup of tea, close the door behind me and settle into our chair. You may find me looking out into space or out of our window. Sometimes, I will fall asleep in our chair thinking about what it would be like to have her there with me.

this also helps when we are

TTC or PREGNANT after loss,

this special retreat provides us a space of connection to our angel as we try to connect with our current pregnancy or fertility journey with all it’s emotions.

I would love ot hear where your retreat looks like? Feels like? sounds Like?

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with love,