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grief talks

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Jennifer Hepton

certified grief coach || life coach

grief awareness educator, speaker, author, blogger

stillbirth and pregnancy loss awareness advocate

insta: jenn.hepton

insta: loeys.hugs

[ photo from Grief + Loss Session at XERO, Denver ]

“Grief is a demanding companion,” Sandberg writes. “In those early days and weeks and months, it was always there, not just below the surface but on the surface.”

  • Sheryl Sandberg || Option B

Grieving a loss often feels unbearable, and yet there comes a time when we need to return to our routines and work.

Grieving is a natural human experience, but it is extremely personal and can be complicated by not feeling safe to grieve in a public + professional environment.

For something that feels so uncomfortable, grief will affect all of us at one point of our lives, however grief support + awareness is often overlooked in the workplace.

Co-workers are often at a loss as how to react around grief, but also how to support their peers.


Why Grief Talks are important at your workplace

Grief discussions are important because there are so many areas that it impacts

  • lack of concentration

  • lack of creativity

  • reduced moral and motivation

  • cost of hiring new employees

  • emotional outbursts

  • impeded memory

  • mental health

    Grief awareness is vital in creating a safe and

    supporting place to your employees.


Jennifer Hepton is a Certified Grief Support Coach, an author, speaker, educator and an advocate for pregnancy loss awareness.

“My WHY and INTENTION is to support society through the complex and sometimes confusing process of grief and to bring awareness to life after loss. My dream is for our modern culture to recognize grief, to feel comfortable to talk about grief, and to acknowledge grief as a natural human experience that we all feel.” Jennifer Hepton

In her speaking / education series, titled Grief Talks, she debunks the beliefs around grief, shares her story about grieving, how it feels to live a life after loss, tools to help you through your grief, and how to support others who are grieving. In the 30 minute interactive discussion, she discusses how grief, as a natural human experience is something that we all need to be aware of. Therefore, removing the stigma around grief and creating a safe place to grieve. As a previous elementary school principal, she brings forth a multi sensory and engaging experience. Grief can be a heavy and uncomfortable topic, however Jennifer is able to bring a light but valuable energy.

‘Jenn has a nurturing way about her and is able to talk about grief without it needing to be heavy.’ - Jaimie


Jenn Hepton is a Certified Grief Support Coach, speaker, author and educator.

After experiencing her own life changing losses after losing her daughter in stillbirth. Jenn now helps others move through their own grieving process. She has an innate understanding of the ups and downs that come along with loss; from the depths of sorrow to the feeling of finding joy again. She has the ability to help you understand your grief, guide you to more clarity, and normalizing the grief process in the workplace. Jenn gives you tools and the hope you need to move forward in your life after loss

What To expect at a grief talk

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“Let’s talk about grief.’

In a session Jennifer will …

  • debunk modern grief beliefs

  • different types of losses

  • share her story of losing her daughter

  • explain what grief really is in this modern world of ours

  • share how to support someone who is grieving

  • discuss how to navigate your way through grief

  • share the importance of rituals and remembrance

  • use of a multi media platform

  • answer questions

  • be available for *grief coaching after each session, knowing that grief can trigger [additional fee]



Do you want to work together to create grief awareness

for your WORKPLACE to thrive and create a healthy supportive environment for all your employees?

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[ photo from Grief + Loss Session at XERO, Denver ]

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