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Pregnancy after loss coaching 

Going through fertility challenges can be one of the most challenging and devastating things to go through. All of a sudden you eat, sleep and breathe ‘getting pregnant’. The stress is incredible, you feel totally out of control and it starts to affect every area of your life. 

OMG! This was me!  

Everything I did was about getting pregnant. I lost myself, my husband and I were fighting all the time and I would put everything on hold, just in case I got pregnant.

It took over my life.  

I mean seriously, fertility isn't meant to be this challenging, and it isn't suppose to be this emotionally and financially draining.


Then I got pregnant and there was a different wave to ride - Pregnancy After Loss. 

I was full of anxiety. There was this sense of loneliness. I lost myself in fear and stories. 

I was able to create a set of tools that helped me move through my pregnancy after loss. 

I was able to use mindfulness, healing activities and other powerful tools to help me live in the moment rather than live in the fear. 



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My intention is

to use my coaching experience and knowledge to witness your current challenges, help you to relieve stress, find your inner wisdom and strength, and work with you to understand and better communicate your needs as you go through your journey.

This is my passion and my calling, and I feel honored to help women like you, as they find their way. 

As your coach, I hope to inspire you and help you navigate through fertility and pregnancy.

My  own fertility chapters consist of - 





  • IUI

  • IVF [ in Vancouver,Canada, London UK and Seattle WA]






 I know how it feels to be overwhelmed in your journey. I know those feelings of confusion, frustration and sadness.  The lack of communication with your partner and the feeling of resistment.

It can BE a lonely road to walk on, especially when we place so much judgement and expectations on ourselves as women. 


If this resonates with you - Let's talk.

I would love to hear your story. 


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what is coaching?

My fertility coaching  focuses on emotional awareness and agility, recognizing limiting beliefs and thoughts, and creating an empowering mindset.  I share what worked for me from meditations, yoga, tapping and so much more. 

  • discuss your fertility journey or pregnancy

  • we discuss your fears and hopes

  • we look at your desired outcomes

  • we create a plan that feels aligned to your needs

  • we look at ways to enhance fertility, health and your well being during your journey


pregnancy after loss coaching
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Can Coaching help me?

let me ask you ... 

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all the steps, meetings, and information around your fertility journey?

  • Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed with doctors and trying to stay positive?

  • Do you wish you could be more positive and start finding a balance between living in the moment and creating a plan for your fertility or enjoying your pregnancy?

  • Do you feel that you are looking for someone who understands and can help?

  • Do you want someone to WITNESS your journey ?

  • Do you intuitively know that there is more to your fertility journey + pregnancy journey than eating the right food, swallowing all loads of supplements and wishing on a star?

If YOU nodded YES to any or all of these, let's talk. 


What are my next steps?  

  • Apply above

  • I will email you with a LINK to book your connection call to see if we are good fit

  • If we are a YES, I will ask you to book a 90 minute call where we discuss your journey in detail, your challenges and desired goals. Here is when we will co - create a plan, and choose 2-3 goals that we will focus on for the next four months.

  • We start with weekly 1:1 60 minute virtual meetings for 4 months.

  • Last session will be 90 minutes so that you walk away with a solid plan + tool kit of strategies + growth to step into this new season with SOVEREIGN.

  • After our 8th session, you have the choice to continue weekly or bi weekly or monthly



$600 for 4 months of support + coaching

or 2x$310

Hi, thank you for scrolling this far. I have a

10 things I wish someone told me about pregnancy after loss PDF just for you:: 

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I look forward to meeting you and working with you during your fertility journey. 

I wish I could perform miracles  - that would be really cool. 

However, I do promise my 100% support and understanding as we create  an empowering fertility journey. 


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