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Solace Sessions FOR LOSS

1:1 sessions I Grief Companion

These session are for you if you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to witness your feelings.

It doesn't matter whether it's been a week or a few years - grief is not linear.

If you are craving understanding, someone to listen, and clarity in this overwhelming feeling of grief - let's talk.



Grief offerings

$60 a session

pay when you book


My Offering To You:

  • 1:1 private 60 minute sessions in the comfort of your own home via our virtual meeting space. 

  • You will have a safe and nurturing space to share and talk about your grief

  • You will find understanding around your painful and confusing emotions

  • You will be held in a sacred and safe space without judgement 

  • You will find clarity around grief 

  • You will discover tools and strategies to help you with challenging emotions and situations. 

  • You will gain mindful tools to help you navigate grief + live a life after loss. 

  • a grief companion is someone who will hold space for you to share in a non judgemental space to allow you to heal and navigate your grief

As much as I would like to help everyone, please know that grief coaching is NOT therapy.  We work on creating a life with loss and if you are experiencing PTSD, I highly recommend seeing a trained professional with coaching .

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1:1 life coaching

If you are ready to dig deep, work hard in making sense of what's happening, have breakthroughs, and create change - so that you can LIVE your LIFE after LOSS in FULL ALCHEMY and resilience.

let's chat.



Uncover your resiliency 


1:1 coaching for life after loss

  2 month commitment*

currently full till december 2019

Grief offering

"When we invest in our growth and healing - we invest in all aspects of our lives." - jenn




Is this for me? 

Let me ask you this ...

Do you want to find your inner strength and resilience after a loss ?

Do you want to navigate your grief in a healthy way?

Do you want to create emotional awareness + resilience to live with ease?

Do you want to FIND COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING FOR your fears + Grief?

Do you want to learn how to grieve mindfully rather than feeling stuck in the sadness after your loss?

Do you want to change your limiting beliefs and old narratives because grief loves to shine a light on our negative thoughts?

Do you want to reclaim and redefine your life after a loss to live A FULL redefined life?

Do you want to step into your life after loss with strength + mindfulness?

Do you feel ready to pick up the EMPOWERING pieces that will help you live with joy?

If you are nodding YES to any of these, then YES this is for you. 

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I have been so appreciative of Jenn and the work we have done together, I honestly believe that if it were not for Jenn and her coaching I would still be very deep in my grief and lost in how to deal with different emotions and thoughts that continuously pop up as try to navigate through “my new normal”. I would definitely recommend coaching with Jenn to anyone who has experienced loss, especially for angel moms who have to peel through layers of ongoing stages of grief. Jenn has helped me dig deep, even at times when I didn’t think I had it in me to do so. That deep digging allowed me to face my fears, accept my reality, and most importantly remember to value and love myself in spite of what my new grief has made me feel. I don’t think I could ever thank her enough for her time, support, and kind words that she has given me. I will forever be grateful! I was blessed to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing and strong woman! - Tracy, New York.


My Offering to you

  • A custom coaching program just for YOU

  • powerful skills for you to navigate your emotions with emotional ability strategies and emotional release techniques

  • learn more about how trauma effects our brain and body

  • self advocacy and self care strategies unique to your grief and journey

  • the ability to acknowledge your blocks TO make powerful breakthroughs IN YOUR HEALING.

  • find the courage to live a life you deserve

  • get to know yourself on the deepest level and connect to your broken spirit to build resilience

  • learn mindfulness + CONSCIOUS tools TO live in the present moment

Other sweet things: 

  • Text support M-TH via VOXER

  • Virtual Space on Uber Conference or Zoom Platforms [ I am flexible]

  • An audio recording for each session and take away notes

  • Meditations and journal prompts


$60 a session

[ 2019 prices ]


A touch of support coaching

Sometimes it just takes a call.

Sometimes it just takes a listening soul that understands.


You're aching to move and just talk it out, but a million reasons stop you from doing so. 

Grief isn’t fixable but it can be witnessed.

My offering



$160.00 USD

My ofFering to you:

Sometimes you need more than a solace session.

Sometimes you aren’t ready to commit to a 4 month coaching relationship.

Sometimes it all you can handle is a touch of support to share your challenges, to be coached, and to be co create a plan with accountability + goals that feel aligned to your broken changed heart.

I get it and that’s why I’m offering

A Touch of Support Coaching Sessions

I will meet you where you are

In this 90 minute session, we discuss how grief shows up for you, how grief has changed your life, and we co-create a plan that feels good for you now

  • A powerful + healing session

  • 1:1 virtual call or video

  • A recording of your call

  • A list of strategies to help navigate

  • A list of resources

  • A guided meditation