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you have a lot going on as an entrepreneur.

you are overwhelmed when doing it on your own.

it’s always better to work in a team with someone who has been there before.

if the small tech details stress you out, like mailchimp and you need a teachable moment or two.

it feels good to have someone holding you accountable to your lists and who stands for your higher self.

you are a new mom and you are having a challenging time managing time + focusing. [ I got you ]

we can be our own worst enemy and let perfectionism, self sabotage and comparison get in the way. [ I won’t let that happen ]

YOU believe in your project so much and want it to be successful and that in it’s self can be scary

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  • 8 sessions in total

  • first session is 90 minutes where i ask you to idea dump like mad

  • all other sessions are 60 minutes and each session i coach you around any limiting beliefs + STRATEGISE all the details with you

  • last session is 90 minutes where we tie up all the sweet loose ends

  • you have voxer support in between sessions

  • all sessions are recorded on zoom [ oh we use zoom video for every session, how else will you be able to see my awesome white board skillz ]

  • all sessions are bi weekly [ that’s 2 sessions a month ]

  • i start every session with a meditation [ we need to anchor + ground before co-creating magic happens]


I always believe that we need to be energetically connected to our investment! It helps us embody our products + services.

888.00 for 4 months

which is:

222.00 a month


111.00 a session [usd]

Angel Number 888 indicates that financial abundance is on its way into your life. [ okay I’ll take that ]

Angel Number 222 suggests that you are at a point in your life where you are looking for some sense of balance. [balance is good]

Angel Number 111 symbolises the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity. [perfect]

[ source: the net]

|| payment plans always available || 2019 prices

I have 1 spot open


oh wait… you just want one power sess with me to get you started?

Awesome here it is …

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  • 2 hours

  • you brain dump

  • we create a timeline

  • we smash any limiting beliefs you might have

  • I might try some NLP on you to help leap you into action as your higher powerful self

  • virtual meet up on zoom

  • recording + notes + whiteboard pic sent to you

investment for this is:


[ Remember I love number meanings and when it comes to number 222, Venus is the ruler. This planet is the symbol of abundance and love. This # is associated with hidden love and power.]


with love,