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1:1 pregnancy loss coaching

After pregnancy loss, our lives can seem full of confusion and overwhelm. In our coaching sessions we will be able to honor our babies at the same time moving into a place of strength, ease, peace and joy.

Are you ready to feel joy and find empowerment in your grief?

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1:1 coaching for life after pregnancy loss

  4 month commitment


[total] for biweekly

[ $75 a session ]

payment plans always an option

currently 2 spots open

*2019 prices

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Is this for me? 

Let me ask you this ...

Do you want to find your inner strength and resilience after a pregnancy loss ?

Do you want to understand your emotions and trauma to create awareness and heal?


Do you want to feel confident parenting after loss or as a new mom with those overwhelming emotions?

Do you want to learn how to grieve mindfully rather than feeling stuck in the sadness after your loss?

Do you want to feel joy witout feeling guilty or confused?

Do you want to redefine your life in a stronger and more empowering way in honor of your loss?

Do you want to change your limiting beliefs and old narratives into growth and empowerment after loss + pregnancy / parenting after loss? [ this one is my fav]

Do you want to reclaim and redefine your life after a miscarriage or infertility?

Do you feel ready to pick up the EMPOWERING pieces that will help you live with resilience + joy?

If you are nodding YES to any of these,

then YES this is for you. 

after working together you will be able to find your path again with a new sense of life and still honor your baby

My Offering to you

Okay …. but what

does this all look like ?

  • A custom coaching program just for YOU [ bi- weekly or weekly 4 months min experience }

  • You will move from a sense of anxiety and fear to awareness and mindfulness using emotional agility and emotional release techniques.

  • You will learn EFFECTIVE + LIFELONG strategies to identify limiting beliefs, coping strategies which grief likes to shine a flashlight on TO create an empowering mindset using NLP [ neuro-linguistic programming].

  • You will be able to acknowledge your blocks TO make powerful breakthroughs IN YOUR HEALINg so that you can live your life after baby loss.

  • You will get to know yourself on the deepest level and open yourself up to more possibilities as you transform your life.

  • you will learn mindfulness + CONSCIOUS tools.

  • you will learn how to change and reframe your subconscious [ aka inner dialogue ] TO CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF and be able feel joy again

Other sweet things: 

  • Text support M-TH via VOXER

  • Virtual Space on Zoom Platforms

  • An audio recording for each session and take away notes

  • Meditations and journal prompts

looking forward to working with you