s l o w i n it d o w n ...


Let's just slow down ...

Welcome !

I woke up this morning feeling anxious, because I had created this story in my head that I have too much to do. That everything on my to do list had to be done today!

If this story resonates, then you know what happens next.

I fell into the spiral of overwhelm, anxiety and fear, and had to re-create a million lists so that I could have some control over the day. 

Guess what!?

This hasn't served me before and it's not going to serve me now. 

I admit I have a lot on my plate this month.

Did I do that on purpose?

Did I say yes to everything, so that I wouldn't have to remember?

Remember what - you ask ..... 

Next month is Loey's anniversary. Of course I did.

That's my ego trying to survive. 

I want to keep myself busy - simple.  I fear the pain and emotions that are about to hit me like a massive wave. I am talking about a BIG STORM WAVE - SCARY.

so ....... 

I stopped. 

I realized. 

I paused. 

I closed my eyes to reset and breath. 

I slowed down. 

When we slow down and when we start saying NO to things that don't nourish us, that don't excite us  - I believe that is when the true healing comes. 



I am taking inventory!

What is priority for ME ? 

What does my soul need right now ? 

If you feel anxious, stuck or overwhelmed in your grief / loss .... try these : 

1. PAUSE [ that means STOP ]

2. Take a few deep breaths - breathing in for a count of 3 and breathing out for a count of 4.

3. If you can meditate for a few minutes please do -  listening to your breath and anchoring into the moment.

4. Ask! Ask your spirit guides, angels, your loved ones, the universe, you - what do I need right now .. What is my priority at this moment? Then wait ..... be open and wait. 

The answer will come to you. You may not like it. You may feel resistance to it, and if you do then that is what you NEED right now. 

I went to my list and underlined what I knew would nourish me. I have to say NO to a few things, and the people pleaser in me doesn't like it, and that's okay. 


And this is the lesson I need to learn, and I am guessing I might not be the only one as we redefine our life after loss. 

With love, 


photo credit : unsplash.com