The Ritual of Self Care


I stood outside this morning in the sun and thought

what have I done lately for my self care.

It doesn’t matter if your loss happened last month or 10 years ago, our spirit needs radical self care.

And with grief, our spirit needs rituals of self care.

Let’s admit it!

Grief is exhausting and it will be always be.

Some days are better but some days you feel like you have been hit by a truck…. a REALLY BIG ONE.

These are the days our body + mind + spirit are craving a retreat, a place to restore to create some sort of harmony.


Here are a few IDEAS to INSPIRE each of us to

take the time to listen to what we need but also to reset our spirit so that we can find resilience to live a life after loss.

I want to add that these are ideas to inspire but self care LOOKS and FEELS different for each of us. I think, what is important here is creating a bag of self care rituals that you can go to when you FEEL like your body, mind and spirit need a REST.

  1. Be in the moment. I know this sounds odd and why would you want to be in the pain and discomfort but when we are, we allow our body to feel and release and thus giving it permission to move through our emotions and reset. This is where writing, walking or talking is a great form of self care.

  2. Spend time away from your screens. I know! Watching Netflix and reading posts on Instagram really helped me when I was in my acute grief and I say GO FOR IT. However, there is a time when your nervous system needs a break from the blue light, from the constant images and numbness. Listening to do an audio book was a great way for me to close my eyes and rest.

  3. MOVE! This is IMPORTANT! It doesn’t have to be a cross fit class but it does have to be some type of movement. Why? Well, the body holds on to the grief and the trauma and we need to move it out of our body. Have you ever seen an animal run away from danger and find safety? Well as soon as it finds that safe place and is no longer in danger, it shakes … it resets it’s nervous system. Movement can be a walk, a jog, a yoga class or a cardio class. Anything!

  4. EAT! I don’t mean hot dogs and fries. I mean make a smoothie and nourish your body. Grief takes a lot out of us both mentally and physically. I think the biggest thing for me is to drink water. There are moments when grief is so bad that I can’t find the energy to eat but drinking water is essential.

  5. Connect back to YOU. What things make you feel connected to yourself? What do you enjoy doing? Is it reading a book? Taking a long bubble bath or walking in nature? Whatever it is, do it so that you can re-connect with your spirit and self.


Above all BE GENTLE and it’s okay to PAUSE and SLOW DOWN.

I would LOVE to hear what self care rituals you are using.

With love,