Bereaved Parents Month  


What does this month mean + how we can support each other 

I bet you didn't expect to read this. 

Well, I didn't expect to be writing this.

But I am glad that you are here. 

My intention is to bring more awareness to this month, and you are helping me.

I share ideas below on how to help your friend who has lost a child. 

If you are a bereaved parent, my heart goes to you.

I hope this little blog resonates and helps in some way.

Losing a child is an unimaginable loss. 

July is Bereaved Parents Awareness Month, a project started by Peter and Deb Kulkkula in honor of families trying to cope after the death of a child. 

Let's be honest, it violates the natural order of things and it's not fair for an innocent child to see their dreams unfulfilled. There are so many emotions we go through when we have lost a child. We feel frustrated, angry, guilty and hopeless. These are all emotions related to grief. 

If you are a grieving parent, I invite you to find a support group that will provide a place of understanding, hope, and reassurance. The social aspect of a group also reminds us that we are not alone in this pain and in missing our children.

My support group has rituals, events, and discussions that have helped me through my grief process. It is a companionship like no other because no one understands how it feels to miss their children like someone who has been through the same thing. Are you already part of a support group? Maybe on social media or a local group? I would love to hear how they have supported you and how you found them. 

It is hard to know how to help a bereaved parent.  

Here are few ideas that might help you: 

Please don't avoid the parents. It's okay to not know what to say because it does bring up fears around our own children not being here, and as bereaved parents, we know there is a level of fear, we feel it all the time, but we still need friends. Yes, our world has changed, but deep down inside we are the same person and we need you more than ever. 

The first year of a child's death is the most difficult time. It is all the firsts that we experience and the unknown that is painful. Being aware, checking in and providing any support is important. 

Talk about their children. You may be afraid to trigger them, but to me, it is worse to not acknowledge their children. I know I love talking about Loey. Yes, I might cry, but those are tears of love for her.

ASK Do you want to talk?  Sometimes it is all about listening and holding space


I wish that we all will find comfort in this awareness so that we can remove the shame and fear around grief and support each other this month and every month.


If you have any questions or comments, I would LOVE to hear them. 





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Much love,