Power of Thought [ in a life after loss ]

Choosing a feel good thought

... even if it's 1% better



Let’s face it. Joy feels great.

However, life isn’t really unicorns and rainbows all the time, and life can be challenging.


My biggest challenge was when we lost our baby girl at 39 weeks last May. My world broke into a million pieces and I was angry, frustrated and sad. If you have experienced any loss, you know the depths of sadness that can overcome you.


A year on, I have learned a lot about myself and also how to empower my life after loss. Choosing a better feeling thought has helped me immensely. I  practiced being aware of my thoughts, regardless if they are of sadness or joy, and started to create space for myself. 

Okay, before I go on, please know that when we are in the depths of our grief or loss, the only thing we can do is survive one day at a time. And, forcing yourself to find another story or narrative can take us  away from the natural process of grieving. However, when you start to see the light, and you begin to walk or step our of the fog, this tool and practice may help you to find your way out of the constant negative thought process.


Finding a better feeling thought is a practice, like learning a new language and it takes time and work. Believe me, there is always another thought to have. There is always another story you can tell yourself. You can change the narrative, even if it seems impossible - even if it's just 1% better. And, when you do, you will begin the process of feeling lighter and finding peace. 


As you find a better feeling thought, it isn’t really about changing something in your life, or moving to another country. It is more about the feeling, the energy that is associated with each new thought. We know that some thoughts create fear and a feeling of anxiety, whilst other thoughts can be lighter, open your heart and uplift you - even just for a minute - even for a moment.

Let's get curious and try it out. 


[find a journal + a pen + your intuition + a quiet place ] 


  1. Choose one thing that keeps coming up and keeping you stuck
  2. What are the thoughts around this?
  3. What are some other feel good thoughts on the same topic that are as true, but feels better for you to think - feels more empowering and lighter ?
  4. What are some thoughts completely unrelated to this topic that makes you feel good ? [ this is your go to list whenever you feel low and need to think about surviving - for instance, I have a pillow for my tired head - I know simple, but powerful ] 





I found that when it was too difficult to be in the present moment, I would move into affirmations.


I invite you to think of an affirmation that will help you move to a lighter feeling.




This too will pass.


I am doing enough.




Lastly I would like to remind you that, it is all about being aware of your thought pattern and moving slowly to a better feeling thought that feels lighter in your body. It is the power of choice.


I would love to hear your thoughts or questions about this.


Also, feel free to contact me if you are curious about mindset work or my coaching offerings.


With love,