What is it that I do ?


What do I do ? Who do I help ? 


I had to write a bio for my mastermind, and I thought I would share it with you - just in case you were wondering what I do .... 

Hi Friend! 

I was asked to write a bio for my mastermind group. It was a deep searching exercise to really pin point what I do, and how I serve. 

So, of course I wanted to share it with you. 

Let me know your thoughts, 

Jennsignature (1).png

Here it goes :

3 areas I COACH and SERVE

1. Transition from Loss to High Sovereignty!
2. Grief Coaching: Holding space and being witness to how women journey through deep grief to deep understanding of self.
3. Coaching women to be aware of their shadow emotions so they can LOVE their wholeness.
4. Intuitive Coaching: Supporting women as they start to connect with their intuition to help them move in a more spiritual and grounding way with loss. 

I am creating the thing that I wished existed in this world by bringing a modern contextual twist to the idea of loss and grief. I am creating a movement of women who are not afraid of loss and will step into the depth of loss to learn how they can heal and grow in ways that they never thought possible. I am creating language of acceptance, of space, of time and of awareness around loss and grief. I am coaching, holding space and loving every woman I meet that has acknowledged their losses, and are trying their best to move with it, and find their sovereignty. 

What I am saying? Let us rise, pick up the pieces and put ourselves together as the true queen warriors that we are -  despite what society thinks we ‘should’ do around loss.  Don't get me wrong, there is deep mourning that needs to happen, and everyone feels that differently and there is no time frame.

We all experience loss, and trauma in different complexities and it’s up to us – us women – as a collective to honor the deep grief - to honor all emotions and to rise – to rise and empower ourselves as mothers – as sisters – as queens that have experienced loss and have found our way! 

Qualities of my brand …. I can tell you that you will find the quality of nurturer, of sister, of safety, of empowerment, of strength, of vulnerability. A sacred, safe and quiet place to discuss what might seem taboo, what might seem scary – but what must be said. So, we as women can heal, empower and move the fuck out of our way after loss, in order to heal this earth, this life, and this collective. 

By bringing awareness to something that can FEEL so dark, so sad, so painful, I am creating space for all of us to understand, and for all of us to feel comfortable when it’s time to hold space for a friend who is grieving. 

Shifting the energy around loss, so that we can talk about it and know that we aren’t here to fix it, but we are here to honor it and grow from it. 
Awareness of LOSS – so that we ALL feel supported and not shamed. 

with love and respect xo