my WHY

infant loss


... my beautiful why. 

You don't wake up one day and say to the world .... 

I want to be a GRIEF and LOSS COACH

And to be honest, I still have a challenging time with it. 

There is this unneeded  heavy energy behind the word GRIEF and LOSS, and how society tells us to get over it, or hints that we are weak when we start to cry and breakdown. 

Yes, the pain is uncomfortable and unbearable. There is a roller coaster of emotions that do not make sense. One minute you are fine, and the next you are having a panic attack about how the tomato sauce spilled all over the floor. But - 

even though TIME DOES NOT HEAL ... IT does SOFTENS. 

Grief is life changing and it can open up old wounds and challenge your belief system. 

When this happened to me - I felt alone and frustrated. I was able to find a grief therapist, however I needed someone to help me understand this crazy relationship with grief. I needed someone to help me move through this sense of incredible loss and live my new life with purpose. 

I needed someone to help me create a plan to honor my grief, understand how to be emotionally agile and how to live with some empowerment and in service to my daughter and twins.  I wasn't able to find that person. 

That is when I decided to create what I wanted. 

That was the moment I created purpose for my loss, and continued 'parenting' Loey on this side of life. 

As I ride this train, I have times when I want to put the brakes on. There are times when I do not have any energy to keep going, and of course other times when fear and anxiety gets the best of me. 

So,  feel it. 

I process through it, and this makes me want to do this more - help my community. 

Loey, I so wish you were here BUT I do thank you for giving me strength, purpose and resilience to keep going. Thank you for being my WHY !


what is your why? 

Can you use your WHY when days are overwhelming - when the roller coaster is too fast ? 

Can you use your WHY to bring self compassion and patience ? 

Can you use your WHY to take it one day at a time ? 

I would love to hear  your thoughts. 

Please share below.

Much love, 

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