Transitions suck ....

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Transitions suck ...

when you are grieving, but I did things differently this time. 

We just got home from spending time away in the California sunshine. 

I know. Who wouldn't think coming back to cold and wet Seattle wouldn't be challenging .. 

But, when you are coming home to your grief bubble AKA home - it double sucks. 

It sucks because the person that you that would be there - isn't.

It sucks because the life you thought you would have - isn't. 

It sucks because as we grieve, we don't have a lot of energy and transitions are hard - like really emotionally exhausting - actually. 

Since losing Loey, my husband and I have decided to travel more - to live life a little more and create memories for our soul to remember. 

However, when we get back it's hard sometimes ... most times. 

It's hard, because it's a reminder of our grief. 

So, this is what I did and it helped. 

First, the day we came back ... I did NOTHING. I rested, I ate and I read a book. I gave my nervous system a break and time to chill. I did something that made me happy - ordered a MATCHA LATTE at my favorite cafe. Small things make me happy. 

Second, I organized my space. I unpacked, I cleaned and I lit candles. I wanted to turn my grief bubble into a healing den. I truly believe that movement is a great way to release grief and loss, but also taking time to create a healing space that is unique to you. 

Third, I took a bath. I knew sleeping might be hard for me on the first night, so I did what usually works for me. A nice lavender bath with candles and a small glass of white wine. 

I took time to transition. 

I took time to remember Loey. 

I took time for myself. 


I would LOVE to hear how you transition back into your life. 

With love, 

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