a bit about me





Before, I start sharing more about how I got here, I would like to tell you about what brings me joy right now - you know celebrate the little things because right now THAT IS HUGE!    

  1. My two beagles [ Pips and Bea ] and their cuddles.
  2. Teaching restorative yoga and meeting new yogis in my community.
  3. Eating so much PASTA that I roll home [ well I can’t - but it would be fun]
  4. The gluten free donuts from Cartems in Vancouver.
  5. My matcha hemp lattes [come to mamma].
  6. My husband’s English accent.
  7. I have lived in Vancouver, London, Seattle and now Bellevue [ expat life for me]
  8. My new art piece, that my hubby bought me for my office and reminds me of my daughter.
  9. My mom’s Portuguese cooking [hello FOOD network  - we have a star here !!!]
  10. I think about my babies ALL the TIME. When I am smiling and when I am crying.


Well,  let’s go back, like way back! Okay, not that far back.


I am Canadian - first generation actually, and that carries a few stories, but for another time. I went to a Private Catholic School and grew up in North Vancouver. I went to University, because that is what you SHOULD do, and I became an elementary school teacher, because that is what you SHOULD do.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m lucky to have an university education, but I have to be honest, I taught for 4 years, and was like  -- is this what I really want to do ? So, I moved to London UK - to teach of course, but ended up drinking a lot of beer, eating a lot of chips [fries], and meeting my husband. I became a Special Needs Principal and taught for another 10 years.

We have lived in Vancouver, London and now Bellevue, Washington. So, I get the ex-pact feels. It’s actually a grieving process each time you move.

When we lost our TWINS in 2013, I became very ill and also developed a blood clot.

Thank you very much - NOT. I also found out I had Hashimoto - no not a cool sushi roll - an autoimmune. Thank you very much - NOT for a second time ….

And, that is when my world started to fall apart. I was too busy trying to get healthy,  to actually realize that I had PTSD [ post trauma stress disorder].

It wasn’t till I lost Loey in 2017, that I realized -


I had been in some state of trauma for 4 years, and it all came back again when we lost her.

I was in deep grief for months. I was like a zombie in a story that didn’t make any sense. I just didn’t understand how everyone else was still living and nothing made sense for me.   

After the deep darkness and what I call a fog started to fade, I had to make a  choice to stay in the depths of grief or to live for my daughter and our boys. So I decided! I was going  to create purpose, to parent them on this side, to bring awareness, to meet other grief mammas, and to make sure that my babies are proud of me.


It wasn’t easy. Holy sh*t! It’s not easy.

I had to redefine my LIFE.


I always knew that I wanted to do something different from what I was doing in the moment. There was always this feeling - this nagging feeling in my stomach. It happened when I was in University and I pushed it to the ‘curb’. It happened to me when I was teaching and I pushed that to the ‘curb’. It happened to me when I lost myself in trying to have a baby - you guessed it, and I push that to the curb. Then, after the birth of my beautiful angel - I JUST HAD IT. I HAD ENOUGH of this nagging feeling.


What am I supposed to do with all this?


All of a sudden, things started to happen. I joined Inner Glow Circle and became an Accredited Life Coach. I took my Grief Coaching Certificate and launched my online community.  Now, I am feeling like there is a WHY. 

Yes, it has taken tragedy.

AND, I am not going to let that be my only Story.


My Story is LIVING my daughter’s Legacy.

Helping you find your life within loss,


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