finding your power

Bespoke 1:1 coaching 


Hi !

Welcome to my secret page.

You are here because you and I have worked together already and you have experienced pretty amazing breakthroughs, and I intuitively feel that there is more - a lot more.

You know when you finally find that secret key and now it’s about unlocking that door to find your power again…. well let’s unlock that door.  

When life kicks us in the ass [ it feels like that ], we can easily fall into old patterns, old stories of limiting beliefs and the idea we aren't good enough. We can get stuck in emotions and this crazy loop without knowing how to get out. 

stuck.stuck.stuck.stuck.don’t care.stuck - you know.

Well, let's get out! 

You and I have done some pretty amazing work together and you have worked so hard. 

Let's keep going. 


life coaching

I have put together a bespoke coaching experience just for you. 

Basically that means, in this bespoke coaching experience YOU can choose. 

We can do weekly or bi weekly 60 minute sessions


We can do once a month session at 90 minutes 

Whatever feels right to you. 

Of course, you will still get the unlimited text / voice / email support.

Regular check ins from me with loads of love.


What will we be working on? 

That is up to you! 


Here are some ideas: 

pregnancy support

grief + loss + transition

 create a vision plan and goals

create core desired feelings to support you living an authentic life

changing your story and old beliefs from limiting to empowering

mindset work

recognizing patterns that hold you back

trauma + deep soul healing work

shadow work 

emotional agility work

creating healthy life choices / routines

creating healthy food choices + lifestyle 

life coaching

 I am a trained Ontological Coach.

What does that mean?

Ontological coaching is about generating shifts and breakthroughs in a "way of being". A human's way of being is not a fixed state but one of continual change and my role as an Ontological Coach is to work with you to design a way of being that serves you the best.

We work together to transform the paradigms under which you live by recognizing the patterns and processes what shapes your beliefs and stories.

We work at recognizing our stories, emotions, limiting beliefs, relationships and our potential.

These patterns and stories shape and structure the possibilities you have for taking action in your own lives. You learn to be more effective in changing our patterns into possibilities by taking greater responsibility + mindfulness in healing and shaping your life. This in turns, allows you to feel peace and fulfillment.

We break down the limitations, create healing and YOU live a more empowering, mindful and healthier life. This is how coaching works!

Does this resonate?

Email me and let’s get on the phone to chat more.

with love,  

jenn hepton