I am now living on the other side of LOSS after digging deep into my soul's need to heal + using conscious and mindful tools. I use to be scared of CHANGE and now I use it to empower my growth.

Yes, it is possible to find true empowerment and live your life with a new found purpose and inner strength.

Hi again.

I'm very lucky.

I'm living a FULL life with it's highs and lows. And, because I have been able to be open to ALL parts of life,  I am living a more intuitive, empowering life with grace and resilience.

I believe it's not what happens to us that makes us stronger, it's what we choose to do after that does. 

Saying that doesn't mean that life + loss are easy, because they aren't, and they can be a very confusing place to be.

My story - 

I lost our daughter, Loey, at 39 weeks in 2018. 

We lost our twins at 22 weeks in 2013. 

We lost myself in years of infertility and miscarriages, ovulation sticks,  fertility diets, supplements, acupuncture, IVF and Chinese herbs. 

I found out that I had an autoimmune disorder and blood clot after we lost our twins, and spent several years healing myself and understanding what my body needs. [Yes, I am the one that orders gluten free pasta.] 

I've moved around a lot because of my husband's career, and understand the overwhelm when having to find your community in a new place. 

After losing Loey, I had to stop and take inventory. My soul was ripped into a million pieces. It was in the middle of a breakdown that I asked myself, what do I do now?!

I was in the depths of PTSD, stuck in my limiting beliefs and experiencing a lot of trauma. 

I CHOOSE to RE-DEFINE MY LIFE and created a life I wanted. I became a certified life and loss coach with inner glow circle coach + Training program and now share my story to help others.

Now through our SURROGATE journey we have our baby. he is such a blessing and so loved. He doesn’t replace the babies we lost but he does fill our hearts.

If this resonates - Let's connect.