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10 days of journal prompts and meditations to create a rOUTINE of healing AFTER LOSS. 


We create routines to help us heal. 

Healing begins in the manageable moments we do on the regular.

This program is designed to help you create a journal, meditation and self-care routine that can be repeated past the 10 days to gain a deeper healing experience AFTER LOSS.



What's Included


You will receive 10 days worth of goodness to help you create a ritual of healing. You don't have to think about it - I do that for you. 

  1. A Guided Meditation Audio

  2. A Yoga Nidra Audio [to help you restore]

  3. 10 days of Journal Prompts

  4. 10 days of Self Care Tips

  5. 10 days of  Photo Challenges to help create a healing collage.